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Do you need a job? Or advertise your services? You have found the right place! Hiringbook.com is the website and mobile app for all your needs. From finding a new job that suits you. Advertise yourself to offer your commercial or professional services. Sell or rent real estate or vehicles quickly and safely. And much more!


Very simple, here you will find all the tools you need to fulfill your tasks. We are the new way to hire and be hired.


My name is Ruben Colmenares. I am the founder and creator of hiringbook.com and my mission is to help you get hired through this platform.

Since 2019 I have been developing the best way to help people find jobs and companies to find their right candidates.


We have adapted to the new current labor needs. Which positions us in the first places of new emerging companies today. In addition to an innovative touch when navigating our platform, which simplifies work for both sides.


So look no further! This site has been made thinking of you and for you. To simplify your life and your business.

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