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Hiring book offer Resumes & accounts  FREE  for personal Accounts.

And also Every account opened needs a phone number and an email address to confirm the account and no-repeat accounts with the same phone number or email that try to post many ads.

Yes, we care about the privacy of our users. we do not sell or use the personal information for any other purpose than in the use of the website.

No, we focus on promoting full-time, partial work positions or sporadic, as well as in promoting companies or businesses that want to offer their services.

Our categories of publications are Jobs and services.

You may post all types of work, or services while within our terms of use.

Yes, we do not store any payment data. The website generates an invoice as a purchaser in an automated way.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and resume it at any time.

No, you cannot partially cancel or receive a refund. Orders created have the duration of the product.

The publication will have 1 month of duration, starting after you make the payment.

You can choose the option of automatic payments to ensure that your publication keep active or make a single payment.

Yes, you can browse our website and apply or contact the companies published for free.

Yes, we love our users who help us continue to grow our community.

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